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Welcome to Seaford Baptist Church

On this page we'd like to look at some reasons why you may want to come along to our church and help you see what we offer to you and your family.

  • Perhaps you are used to going to church but are new to the town?

  • Maybe you are just interested to find out what makes us tick? What does it mean to be a Christian in today’s world and why would you want to become one?

  • Perhaps you are new parents and would like to introduce you and your baby to the church community?

  • Perhaps you have growing children and would like them to learn about the Christian life?

Whatever the reasons, we’d love to welcome you to our church.  You can get as involved as you want to – if you just want to come and sit at the back then slip out again that’s fine.  Or if you would like to talk to someone about anything at all just speak to one of our service team (they will be wearing a badge) and they will direct you to the right person.  In the meantime, let’s look at some of the reasons listed above.

New to the town and looking for a church?


Well, at Seaford Baptist Church you will find a modern style of service led by a worship group at the front with singers and musicians.  We sing a mixture of modern and traditional songs but we put our all into our worship of God whatever the music.  During the service you will hear a talk from a minister or a leader on a wide range of themes relevant to how we live today.  


We have small groups for those who wish to study the Bible and find out how it speaks to us today.  There is also a very wide range of other groups including those which cater for children and young people and groups for those of later years and those with various interests including art and music.  


Although we are a Baptist Church and believe that getting baptised as an adult by immersion is a great thing, we do not require you to go through this. We have members of our church who have been members of most Christian denominations and they all seem very happy with our openness to other Christian traditions and our desire to work with other churches in the town.

Wondering about the meaning of life and interested to know more about Christianity?


Many of us in the congregation were like you at one stage of our lives and we understand that the journey to faith is sometimes very short and straightforward but can often be a long and winding road.  Sometimes we wonder what is the point of it all.  We all need to ask questions about what life is all about, even starting with the basic, “Why are we here?”


If you come along to Seaford Baptist Church you will find many people who would love to talk with you about their own journey to faith in Jesus Christ or perhaps give you books or DVDs which will help you find out more. If you would like to speak to someone privately before you even come to church we can do this too – you can mail us by clicking here or phone us on 01323 896009

You have children and want to make sure that they know about God and his Son Jesus?


If you have a baby we would love to welcome you and your family to our church and to help you dedicate your child to God in a simple service before the congregation.  This is a wonderful time for both you and us – we love new life and we believe that God really wants you to bring your child to him in this way.


You have growing children and would like them to learn about the Christian life?


We are proud of our youth work which is led by trained youth leaders all of whom are accredited by the church and have passed every test of suitability required by the law and good practice.  We cater for every age group from crèche up to age 18 and we would like you to look at the Youth work page of this website to find out more.  We even run our own Earlybirds pre-school for those who require daily child-care. 

A passion for Jesus, a love for others



Seaford Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Union

Registered  charity number 1132127


Seaford Baptist Church

Belgrave Road


East Sussex

BN25 2EE


Phone: 01323 896009