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SBC Supported Missions

Below is a list of various missions that Seaford Baptist Church supports. To find out more about these missions please click on the logos and you'll be directed to their websites. 


Home Mission SEBA        

Supporting church-based mission in the South East


Tearfund - Zimbabwe

Our mission is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest, responding to crisis and partnering with local churches to bring restoration to those living in poverty.

AWM Logo_0.png

AWM-Pioneers (Arab World Ministries)

AWM is about making disciples of Jesus Christ, seeing churches planted and transforming the Arab world.


A Rocha UK

Caring for God’s earth in equipping churches and environmental projects around the world

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Cambodia Action        

Seeking to see the Kingdom of God come to the Kingdom of Cambodia. 


Lara Lee Lovering - BMS World Mission

Supporting Church ministries, development, education, health, Justice and Leadership worldwide.

* Laura Lee has a blog at the bottom of this page

bible society.png
maf logo.png

Bible Society

Offering the Bible to the world


Mission Aviation Fellowship UK

Our vision is to see 'isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name' through aviation and technology.


Open Doors

Supporting persecuted Christians around the world

Angel Tree Christmas/Mother’s Day

Enabling men in prison to send gifts to their families at Christmas and on Mother Day


Waves Family Centre

Providing support services to families across Seaford

The Cabin logo final (1).jpg

The Cabin

Outreach plant into the community of Cradle Hill Estate.


The broad categories of mission supported by Seaford Baptist Church are;

  • Home Mission and World mission which includes Evangelism and discipleship

  • Social concern including the environment, Justice and Freedom

  • The persecuted church

 We are a church partner of Laura-Lee Lovering who works with the Baptist Missionary Society in Peru.  You can see here live feed below. 

Financial Support

We financially support six organisations that between them cover all areas.



  • Baptist Home Mission - Evangelism and discipleship

  • Waves (local family charity)

Social concern


  • International Baptist World Mission - Evangelism and discipleship, social concern, the environment

  • Cambodia Action (Chhins) - Social concern

  • Tearfund - Social concern, Justice and freedom, persecuted church, the environment

  • Bible Society - Evangelism and discipleship, social concern



We also act as a channel for mission information for other mission organisations that are worthy of prayer support and cover areas not fully covered by the seven partners who we support financially.  These are;

  • The Cabin (mission in a housing estate in Seaford)

  • Missionary Aviation Fellowship (evangelism, mission support)

  • Arab World Ministries (Arab world evangelism)

  • Christian Solidarity Worldwide (persecuted church, advocacy)

  • A Rocha (the environment)

  • Quicken Trust (Uganda; mission, social concern)

  • International Justice Mission (persecuted church, justice and freedom)


Mission Prayer FOCUS

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