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Care Groups

We believe doing or being “Church” is not a Sunday thing! It is about the family of SBC spending time and sharing life together.  Attending a form of care group is vital to the spiritual health of the individual and the whole, a place where people should grow and feel they belong.


Care groups represent the diversity and inclusivity of the family at SBC.  Care Groups play a vital role in the life of the Church by encouraging...


1. Spiritual growth - by encouraging growth in discipleship of Jesus, a deeper understanding of His Word, and developing the gifts He has give each of us


2. Prayer life – through regular prayer for each other and seeking Gods will


3. Support for each other – through sharing life and building of relationships


Due to the diversity of the family of SBC the care groups have many forms. Some meet weekly, but most meeting every two weeks. Most are based in peoples’ homes, with one or two based at the church building.


All who attend SBC are encouraged to commit to being part of a Care Group, in order to grow individually and support the family to grow stronger.


Want to find out more?  Then please use the form on the Contact Us page or phone the church office on 01323 896009 and ask for someone to contact you about Care Groups.


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