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If you wish to receive weekly emails for the Notice Sheet and/or our Tuesday News Update please put in a request via the contact form on our Contact Us page stating which one (or both) you wish to receive.

If you wish to listen to recordings of past sermons pre COVID then please go to our Sermons page.

Letter to church members - Thursday March 19th 2020

Dear Church Members

Sunday Morning Worship, Care Groups and SBC Meetings

It is with great sadness that we have taken the decision this week to suspend Sunday services from this Sunday onwards.

The Baptist Union and SEBA have advised all member churches not to hold services because of the potential risks to health, so we are following this advice. We have also had to suspend all church groups and care groups for the time being.

What are we doing instead?

We have arranged with Phil White for a ‘mini service’ to be recorded each week and made available through You Tube. You will be able to access this through a link on the SBC website.

The first of these will be available to watch this Sunday morning

Phil is also able to produce the ‘mini service’, for those who don’t have access to You Tube on DVD.

We hope to record a ‘ mini service’ each week, whilst our normal Sunday worship is suspended

This Sunday evening all church congregations across the UK are being encouraged to pray at home and light a candle at 7pm and place it in a window as we remember that Jesus is the Light of the World who shines in the darkness. We would encourage each household in the church to join in with this prayer time.

Online channels

In addition we will be making more use of our social media channels , Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The church Facebook page will include a daily bible verse to encourage us and we will also be using it to give information about helpful Christian websites/ blogs etc for you to view

We will also use our Twitter and Instagram accounts in a similar way.

We would encourage you to follow any or all of these channels.

Other Communication Channels


Our website has links to all our social media channels, and we will continue to update the website with any new developments

Peter White will continue with his weekly email update- if you would like to receive this, please e-mail Peter on

Penny Smoker will continue to produce a weekly notice sheet that will be sent out via the weekly update email.

We will continue to use the telephone and email prayer chains for urgent prayer requests and answers to prayer- if you would like to join either of the prayer chains please contact Coral Streader at

The office at church will remain open Monday to Friday mornings although contact is to be via phone or email until further notice.

Phone 01323 896009

Email –


At present we don’t know how long this situation will last. Please continue to pray for wisdom for us as we seek to navigate uncharted waters, whilst knowing that we believe in a faithful God who holds us through all things.


Every blessing

Andy & The Leadership Team

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