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Body and Soul

Please note all groups are currently suspended due to COVID_19

Seaford Baptist Church encourages mental and physical fitness amongst its membership ~ Use it or Lose it.  

In respect of physical activity, for the last 8 years we have been offering weekly exercise classes run by one of our own members, Nigel Bentley, a Personal Trainer from Windover Fitness near Alfriston. 

Nigel has been leading this type of class for about 15 years now, since 2002/3.  Classes are open to all, subject to space ~ that is from within the Church, or from the community around us. 

BODY & SOUL classes are run in our premises most weeks, through school terms and holidays.  They are a fun introduction to group exercise ~ in an informal and relaxed, sociable environment.  They are aimed at gently improving overall fitness ~ with exercises proven to improve balance, core strength & muscle tone; and suppleness by careful stretching.  The circuit exercises do vary substantially from week-to-week.

No special clothing or skills are required, and all the exercises can be adapted to suit specific restrictions for an individual (i.e.medical).  Windover Fitness provide the necessary equipment, and floor mats for our all-age classes.   The older adult classes are substantially but not exclusively chair-based, and do not involve getting down onto the floor.  All elements can be modified to suit the individual.  Loose comfortable leisure clothing and soft-soled shoes are all that are necessary ~ so, we would be suggesting trousers rather than skirts for the ladies!  Water glasses are provided, and if you wish to, do bring a towel with you ~ although not necessary for most of the classes.

Come along and give a class a try.



Tuesday afternoon weekly in THE CABIN, Raymond Close


2.00pm to 3.00pm - Older Adult STRETCH & TONE circuit class

(Older Adult description is not age related ;but more to do with mobility, health conditions and walk or balance abilities)
Max participants there are 10 (currently have 6 to 7 regular exercisers participating)
£5 per class (first 2 Taster sessions are free)

Friday afternoon at SBC  


2.00pm to 2:45pm  - All Age BODY & SOUL EXERCISE CIRCUIT

2:55pm to 4:10pm (typically) ~ meeting at 2:45pm - Older Adult BODY & SOUL circuit class

Max participants in latter are 15 (we currently have about 12 regular exercisers participating)
£5 per class

Before coming for first time, please contact Nigel Bentley, the Class Leader to discuss space and abilities, and to receive a pre-exercise questionnaire.  Telephone : 01323 871554 or 07930 738034.  Email :

NPB in Windover Fitness Studio 700px wid

Class leader, Nigel Bentley

CABIN group 4th Dec 2018 CALF stretch 70
CABIN group 4th Dec 2018 CIRCUIT EX. 700
Typical Exercise Kit for Circuits 700px
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